How to save 10% off YNAB™ 4

To get 10% off your purchase just click the green button and add YNAB 4 to your basket at, where the discount is automagically applied:

Please see below for full details.


How to use the discount

Step 1. Click the discount button above.

Step 2. Click 'Take me to the store'.

Step 3. Look for the orange banner at to confirm the discount, then click 'Purchase' at the top of the page.

Step 4. Add YNAB 4 to your basket where the $6 saving will be automatically applied.

That's it - enjoy!


About this discount coupon

Hi, I bought YNAB 4 in February 2013 and I absolutely love it - you're making a good choice with this one! Anyway a while after I bought it, the guys at YNAB emailed me a referral discount link for $6 off YNAB to share with friends. This is the link they sent me:

The discount only works on the official YNAB website, so you can be sure it's totally legitimate. You'll get $6 off YNAB and I'll get $6 for referring you, which I put straight into our 'Rainy Day' category  Everybody who buys YNAB gets their own referral link to share too! 

Thank you very much in advance - and I hope you love YNAB as much as we do!

Not ready to buy?

There's no hurry - the referral discount is available all year round so take your time getting the most of the 34-day free demo, and when you're ready to buy a license to keep using it just come back here and hit the button or the link!

Looking for a coupon code?

Although there are a lot of sites like RetailMeNot offering YNAB coupon codes, the guys at YNAB don't do coupon codes - and there's nowhere to enter a code on their site. The only way I know to get a discount on YNAB 4 is to use an existing YNAB user's referral discount like mine.